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It's a bit like


User Experience Design, Research

& Mentoring

from £600 per week

What is this?

Our team have spent the last decade working together, helping teams to design and test things that people need to interact with. We believe that a more engaged and responsive UX process contributes to the success and speed of any product going to market.

We are also aware that it's not sensible to keep a bunch of UX folks on the books at all times, and the ability to scale up your resources to meet a research challenge is hard, especially for short term engagements. Taking risks with unknown resources can blow your UX budget, amongst other things and developing junior staff in-house is risky without expensive senior oversight.

So why pay someone to sit in the office all day, when you can just use what you need? It's a bit like Pay-as-you-Go UX&D.

We also provide on-site consultancy to help get you started or provide any other UX&D support. It can be bundled into one of our packages, or bolted on as needed.

If you are comfortable having a time-slice of a user experience consultant, who works with you online, then please read on. If you're unsure about whether this works for you, then please, read on.

Why would I ever need this?

Good question, here are a several reasons;

  • You want to save money!

  • Don't need a full-time User Experience consultant.

  • You're keen to try lean-UX, but don't want to transform your whole team yet.

  • Need to spin up a new capability, fast.

  • Provide oversight, quality assurance and coaching for an existing team

  • To test out hypotheses-driven UX.

  • Don't fancy dealing with recruiters.

  • Would like to work with a partner instead of an individual.

  • Impartial eye on your stuff, extra peace of mind.

  • Don't have these skills in your office.

  • Emergency cover for long term sickness or maternity leave.

  • Struggling to work within the new IR35 legislation.

  • We really could go on....

How does it work?

Talk to us, we need to know what you're trying to do. Select a package that works for you, we will establish some online meetings and away we go!

We will help you design a lean-UX strategy, or slot in to your current practices, depending on your needs. Whether that’s running workshops to help a team develop ideas, conducting research with your users and sending evidence-based recommendations, establishing an assurance process or providing focussed coaching and mentoring to help an existing team develop.

If needed, we can come onsite and help get things moving, or review your current situation before anyone commits to anything. Our bolt-on services are very accommodating to suit a variety of challenges.

The great thing about this is it's flexibility.. We're there when you need us, with experienced, pragmatic help so that you can expand and contract your UX capability hassle free. No more expensive gambles with hired help.

For more information please download this pdf.

Package prices
  • Support for a single, on-premises UX&D team (up to 20 people).

  • Weekly progress visualisation & narrative.

  • 200 minutes of online UX&D expertise per week.

  • Dedicated account management team.

£600 per week.

  • We will drive your UX activities for a given product.

  • Weekly progress visualisation & narrative.

  • 600 minutes of online UX&D expertise per week.

  • Prototype creation.

  • Recorded User Research.

  • Hypotheses testing.

  • Lean-UX process ownership.

  • Dedicated account management team.

£1,200 per week. 

Bolt-on extras
60 minutes
  • 60 extra minutes of online UX&D expertise.

£300 per week.

120 minutes
  • 120 extra minutes of online UX&D expertise.

£500 per week.

  • A block of 6 hours of consultancy time, either on or off site

  • Help brainstorm ideas, get things started, workshops.

  • Provide coaching, training, other UX&D related support.

£700 + expenses.

Consult plus
  • Everything above plus more senior leadership & strategy.

  • Optional Technical consultancy available.(6 hours).

£1200 + expenses.

Please get in touch