• Rich Lewis

Slicing the donut.

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Being a firm believer in the inspect-adapt approach to life, I recently analysed myself again. Fortunately this time was less about mental health, and more about productivity. I have lived my entire life on a zero waste principle (lazy), and having carved my professional time to pieces, felt it was a great time to share both my findings, and introduce delivery as a service.

So what did I find? Very unsurprisingly, my day looked something like this donut of shame, which is probably a little bit like most average days, give or take a few slices?

how much time I spend doing stuff daily...

So what? Good question, usually nothing. But this time, it inspired me. There's an awful lot of waste in there, not quite the delicious daily donut I was looking forward to. Commuting for one, that's a 4 hour bite into my day (yes, wtf, I get it). There are some sugary bits, and some lovely chocolatey icing left, but they're flanked by chunky wedges of uninteresting dough.

Already bored? So am I. So what's the point? Apart from wanting a donut.

Simply this, I spend a lot of time working with really clever people who design computer architecture around cloud computing principles and machine learning (A.I., if you like). The bits that I find the most satisfying, are things like horizontal scaling. Don't worry, I won't go there, but I've tried to see if these principles can be applied to project resources (humans, if you like).

Hmmmmm.... He's been on the crack pipe again. Well, perhaps, but when you think about it, most companies will pay for the donut just because they always have. So perhaps the real instanity, is paying for people to sit in an office all day, it's really not necessary.

The world is changing, time to evolve. What we're proposing is something quite different. Why not pay for a slice of the donut, the bit you really want. If it's jam you're after, let there be jam!

Jam every day, not jam tomorrow.

This also saves you money, and is possibly better for your health. It also firmly ticks the reduce waste checkbox, which is the main thing for me.

You mentioned delivery as a service, why? We offer small slices of donuts, to people who like donuts, but can't eat a whole one. If you would like a slice of an online delivery resource, project manager, delivery lead or scrum master, please get in touch, we can help.

We offer really simple packages, each with a weekly report that will give you actionable insights into your project health and timeline, and tips to help cut out all the usual waste. The best part is, we are virtual, so we can help any English speaking team, anywhere.

We can also offer technical consultancy, development, testing or even product owners. Any kind of donut you desire really.

Please contact us, we'd love to talk. Pretty jammy really.


In the UK, the tax person wants to reduce your donut intake. IR35 hits the private sector in 2020 and will no doubt cause a bit of indigestion when it does. Get ahead of the tax person, work with a virtual partner who can scale (or even idle) as you need them to.

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