• Rich Lewis

Project Intelligence > I.T.'s Royal Flush

It always baffles me when I work with agile or traditional project manager types, that Project Intelligence is not embedded into their D.N.A. In my opinion, it supersedes any methodology, or maturity model, cuts through bureaucracy and delivers.

There is a great article about Project Intelligence by Amy DeWolf. It lists the 4 pillars as;

1 - Actively use historical data to forecast project cycles

2 - Understand the intricacies of complex projects

3 - Enhance social and emotional intelligence in projects

4 - Actively use Business intelligence tools

The article expands on these clearly, I won't attempt to do that in this post.

You can seldom recruit people that have all these skills into your projects. But in the words of the legendary English rock band, Queen - "I want it all!". If I hire, I consider myself lucky to get a thin slice of one, maybe two of these pillars. Even when I've worked in massively complex environments, with a team of PMO people, agile coaches and Project Leads, they still ask where I get the data from to support the decisions that drive a project to success.

There is not a single pillar that I would undervalue. Each and every one is as critical as the other. If you need to deliver, look after the pillars and play the best hand available to you, use some Project Intelligence.

We offer a service that provides all of this, for an incredibly low weekly subscription (from only £375 per week). We are not the usual brand of Project Management consultants, now you can have it all!

Please talk to us about how we can help.


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