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Our Project Intelligence Managed Service can review your current projects, give useful feedback about the health of your team, backlog, business objectives, development process and stakeholders, giving you the opportunity to change course (should you need to), or even pat yourselves on the back and carry on!

We review things in a pragmatic way. There's no point huffing and puffing because you've adapted the methodology you're following, that's just realistic, and often sensible. There might be opportunities to make additional tweaks to improve the way you're working, they might be big tweaks, but they're only worth doing if you can get some quantifiable benefit from them.

We review your stuff with a view to getting things done, and realising your benefits, even if they're intangible at first. Our interests are more about whether you'll succeed whilst keeping your sanity, not slavishly ticking boxes. We deliver the output of the review in a visual format, with helpful hints that you can action, or ignore. If you're not sure how to implement some of our suggestions, then our bolt-on services might be able to help drive change, who knows!

Either way, we're here to help. Please check out our healthcheck service or drop us an email, we'd love to hear how we can help you;


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