Project Coaching

As specialists in Project Delivery, the team at are committed to building high performing project teams.


Every project is unique, however the challenges faced by project professionals are similar.  With our wealth of experience in project delivery, our Coaches can support our clients in achieving their goals in an ever changing project environment.


Clients are empowered to find solutions to their project challenges and build stronger stakeholder relationships thereby increasing their chances for project success.  Refocus on what the project aims to achieve and support the team in their daily delivery through expert Project Coaching.


Talk to us about your project goals and we will support and guide your team in achieving them.

Our Project coaching services include 1:1 coaching for key project leads and team members, facilitated group workshops, project team building and project mentoring.


Agile Coaching are experts in Agile delivery and will improve your team’s approach to process improvement and project management.  


We excel in both Agile Transformation and further improving the practices of experienced Agile teams. Whether you need to discover the benefits of Agile or further your understanding of Agile Scrum, Lean and Kanban, we can help.  We enjoy simplifying processes to save time and money while helping you reap the many other benefits of Agile tools and techniques.

We are seasoned project coaches who will work with you to understand your project goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.  Deliver real benefits within the constraints of your organisation and move forward from ‘doing Agile’ to ‘being Agile’.  With an Agile Mindset the Agile tools can be implemented appropriately in your organisation.

Executive Coaching

What does it cost your business when your resources are under-utilised?

What does it cost your business when your key people are not fully empowered to deliver?

Unlock and maximise the potential of your Leaders with our Executive Coaching. coaches offer a space to think, bringing clarity and awareness to Managers as areas of development are highlighted and a plan for change developed and supported.


Keeping our client at the centre of the session, our coaches can act as a sounding board and offer a different perspective to the challenges faced by People Leaders and Strategic Thinkers.

Project Training

We offer a range of training options from our popular Introduction to Agile Development course to customised solutions based on your business strategy and training needs.


Our courses are offered face to face or online and include topics such as:

  • Project Management

  • Agile

  • Business Analysis

  • Change Management

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